Travelling With Your Cat?

  • Microchip cat before leaving home
  • Bring several good, clear photos of your cat
  • Transport cat in seatbelt compatible carrier
  • Secure cat in carrier BEFORE opening vehicle door
  • NEVER leave cat in closed vehicle
  • Provide fresh water frequently
  • Carry shaker can of favourite treats, just in case!

If Your Cat is Lost in the Kenora Area
The Cat Shelter (807) 468-4648
Animal Control (807) 467-2289
Kenora Veterinary Clinic (807) 468-7441

Every year cats escape from vehicles and motel rooms and go missing from cottages and campgrounds.

A happy reunion with your feline friend is much more likely when you notify the numbers listed above as soon as possible.

Posters with a picture of your missing cat help those in the vicinity recognize kitty.

And don't despair!

The cat shelter has returned cats who have been missing a year or more!